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Thermador brings innovation to your kitchen remodel

July 19, 2012  |   Posted by :   |   Aura Design Build,Home Remodeling,Kitchen Remodling   |   0 Comment»


Recently while browsing through an issue of  Fast Company. I came  across a 16 page spread by Thermador.  Who has been creating innovation in the kitchen since 1916 and well I guess they had a lot to share.  Most notable the Star Burner.  Invented in 1998, the Star Burner’s shape allows for 58% more heat coverage and less cold spots.  The result is faster cooking and more even heating across various size pans.

As a self proclaimed master chef, I was excited of the idea of having a more even surface for my paella cook offs.  I have added the Thermador Pro Grand Steam Range to my Christmas wish list this year.  Fully loaded with seven cooking options, including steam and convection oven and a cook top equipped with the Star Burner.  Thermador’s innovations in  kitchen design doesn’t just stop a the range, from refrigeration to dishwasher and more, Thermador has the products that will change the way you cook and entertain.

If you are considering a kitchen remodel project, check out the some of these ideas on how to create your dream kitchen.

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